Perfect Insulating Wares | Why PIW ?
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Why PIW ?

As we maintain the highest parameters set for manufacturing wide range of Refractory Materials, set by the national & international accreditation agencies hence our customers & consumers are benefited with the quality assured products on economical rates which further generates & multiplies the profits for the buyer and also to the end users. These products are manufactured under stringent quality assurance plants.

All Insulating Bricks are supplied both in standard shape/size and also Special Shapes. Since these bricks are cut to sizes, they are true to dimensions. Packing of the bricks are done in cardboard boxes. For other products we always follow the standard as per the National and International Guidelines.

Ability to anticipate improbables and find practical solutions.  Access to technical expertise throughout the country. Ready availability of special products for critical applications comparable with the best in India and abroad.

In-house manufacturing facilities capable of meeting large project requirements as well short term urgent needs for maintenance. Flexible approach which gives as much importance to minor problems as well as turnkey jobs.

An integrated approach which saves time and effort of customers and inconvenience of liaisoninn between consultant, product supplier, installation contractor and test laboratory. Familiarity with refractory needs and problems of a wide cross-section of industries.