Perfect Insulating Wares | Use & Application
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Use & Application

Energy conservation has always been a major criterion in selection of refractories for process industries operated at high temperatures. The conventional insulation bricks are manufactured under stringent quality assurance plans. These bricks have low thermal conductivity, low density and sufficient good strength for handling purpose.

The Hot face Insulating Bricks are specially formulated and results independent pores so as to ensure maximum Insulating efficiency. This characteristic also makes these bricks suitable for Hot Face Insulation, since gas permeation is prevented. Apart from low thermal conductivity, bricks have low density, high strength, high PCE and low iron content.

All Insulating Bricks are supplied both in standard shape size and also Special Shapes. Since these bricks are cut to sizes, they are true to dimensions. Thermal Insulation Considerably reduces the fuel consumption in a furnace. Bricks used for the purpose of insulation are made of fireclay, silica and other raw materials, and are characterized by their low thermal conductivity and low bulk density.

High Alumina Content, Mortar and Costables are packed in 50 kgs bags.