Perfect Insulating Wares | Infrastructure
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We have adequate facilities to Manufacture, store, test, transport & distribute goods which would confirm to the standards specified by you and as mandated by the rules of the central & state governments. Any additional facility that may be required could be arranged for at a short notice.

We follow the normal practices of inventory control of Production. selling / distributing products.

We have efficient & trained staff to store & stack the stocks on wooden pallets & slightly away from the walls allowing sufficient space between each stack which enables accurate counting & free movement of the products.

We take almost care to avoid any loss/damage to the products and ensure the same is protected against any damage by any cause. We have adequate experienced back office & administration support staff equipped with latest office automation equipment viz : PC’s on LAN, Phones, Fax, Copier, Printer etc. so that the job will be completed in shortest possible time.