Perfect Insulating Wares | INDUSTRIES SERVED
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Industries Served

Innovative and high performance refractory materials have been developed and are manufactured for application in a wide variety of process plants used for mineral and process industries of every description. Many of these products have been recommended for use by international project consultants as substitutes for imported materials.

Our clientage is from all corners of India and Abroad. Our Above policy has helped us to make a dent in Indian as well as foreign markets leaving behind many old stalwards. Unlike most other manufacturers we have chosen to address requirements of a wide range of industries including:

  1. Steel Plants
  2. Sponge Iron Plants
  3. Cement Plants
  4. Refractory Plants
  5. Power Generation Companies
  6. Aluminium Plants
  7. Boiler makers
  8. Glass Industries
  9. Fertilizer Plants
  10. Petro Chemicles Plants
  11. Other basic Industries like Aluminium, Zinc, Copper etc.
  12. All chemical Plants